Monday, December 26, 2016

Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt LEAVE Interview After Awkward Sex Question, Hollywood Gossip News.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt leave a radio interview after an awkward sex question!
You know you’ve gone too far... when Jennifer Lawrence thinks it’s inappropriate.

As you probably know, Christ Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence have been on a major press tour around the world for their new flick, Passengers. The hilarious duo star as passengers who fall for each other in outer space and recently did an interview with Australia’s KIIS “Summer Fling” show. 

When radio host Sophie Monk quickly transitioned away from talking about extraterrestrial life and asked about the most adventurous place the actors have had sex, Jen wasn’t really feeling it. 
J.Law went on to clarify that feeling “safe” is what turns her on in the bedroom. Then the interview got REALLY awkward because Chris and Jen abruptly decided to leave. You gotta hear this!
Sadly, all we have is the audio of Chris and Jennifer walking out of the uncomfortable interview. But I don’t think we’re the only ones who would love to see that go down on video! 

After the stars left the interview host Sophie Monk admitted she asked the sex question because QUOTE, “We ran out of time and I wasted good time on stupid questions...I just wanted the good stuff. Who wants to know boring things?” Seems like the radio hosts got what she wanted, because celebs walking out of an interview is far from boring! 

Tell us below if you think the host’s sex question was inappropriate, or if you think J.Law should have just answered it? Then make sure you’re subscribed to Clevver so you don’t miss any celebrity news! Now check out some of your favorite Christmas traditions that you used to love- on a new episode of Throwback. I’m your host Tiffany Taylor, see you next time!

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