Saturday, September 3, 2016

Chris Brown Being Investigated After Claims He Pulled a Gun On Woman, Video, Hollywood Gossip News.

The LAPD was called to Chris Brown’s home in the early hours of the morning and the singer is not too happy about it. 
Chris Brown caused quite the media frenzy after engaging in a standoff with the police and it all started because a woman claimed the singer threatened her with a gun. 
Chris Brown is reportedly the subject of a criminal assault investigation after a woman by the name of Baylee Curran – who also appeared on TMZ Live to talk about the situation -- called 911 and claimed that the singer threatened her with a gun after she was admired a piece of jewelry in his home. So of course, with a claim of that stature, the LAPD rushed to Chris’ house in the middle of the night to assess the situation. 

According to TMZ, the police arrived at Chris’ house around 3 a.m. and worked on obtaining a search warrant to enter his home since he refused to leave. A source revealed to the outlet that during the time the police were waiting, Chris did not set foot outside his home. Instead, he threw a duffle bag out the window and reportedly taunted the police by saying QUOTE, “come and get me.”

Additional sources at the scene revealed to TMZ that the duffle bag Chris threw out allegedly contained drugs. While all of this was going on, the R&B singer posted a series of videos on Instagram expressing his frustration with the situation. 

Chris continued on with his rant by claiming that a crazy situation like this arises every three months and that it just needs to stop. After hours and hours of waiting, the LAPD was eventually given their warrant and began searching Chris’ home for the weapon that the singer was said to use when he threatened Baylee. Once that was over, the singer finally emerged from his home and chatted with police officers. It was as if this whole thing didn’t happen and they were just having a friendly conversation. 

On top of all the current drama Chris was dealing with, his baby mama Nia’s attorney added to the mess and told E! News that their daughter Royalty was present when the alleged gun incident happened. However, that claim was quickly dismissed by Chris’ attorney Mark Geragos, who told E! QUOTE, ‘That is categorically untrue. She wasn’t and isn’t here.’ One would hope that Chris would keep his daughter safe and away from situations like this. 
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