Sunday, September 25, 2016

Chelsea Handler BLASTS Angelina Jolie After Brangelina Divorce, No Going Back Now! Hollywood Gossip News.

Talk show host Chelsea Handler is known for her brash and honest commentary, so why is her speaking up on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s separation catching our attention? Let’s not forget Chelsea has an unlikely friendship with Brad’s ex Jennifer Aniston. As in, they’re besties and Chelsea is basically Jennifer’s personal cheerleader. So while the rest of us are mourning the loss of Brangelina, Chelsea seems to be celebrating. She took this opportunity to remind us how much she dislikes Angelina because she’s not a “girl’s girl”. On her Chelsea Netflix talk show the host had THIS to say about the divorce.

Then Chelsea went on to DEFEND Brad’s drinking and weed smoking allegations by saying this truth bomb.

Well, Chelsea certainly didn’t hold back there! We can’t help but wonder: what does Chelsea know that we don’t? AKA what has Jennifer Aniston TOLD HER about Angelina that we don’t know?! We think the truth will reveal itself in time, as it always does. After Chelsea’s strong take on the divorce she claimed she’s moving on we should respect their privacy, so she won’t be talking about them on TV anymore. However, Twitter is still fair game, and she wasn’t kidding. On Twitter Chelsea joked, “Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt… he wants the China; she wants Pax and Maddox. #Sorrycouldnthelpmyself.” Do you think Chelsea went too far joking about Brangelina’s divorce? Or do you agree with her? Tell us below and be sure to hit ‘subscribe’ for Clevver News! Then check out Jennifer Aniston’s reaction to the divorce in that video right there. 

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