Saturday, September 3, 2016

Bella Thorne NEW TV Show "Famous In Love" Gets Teaser & Premiere Date, Hollywood Gossip News.

Bella Thorne’s new show “Famous in Love” gets a teaser and a premiere date...

We’re finally getting a sneak peak at Bella Thorne’s new show on Freeform and not gonna lie--we’re already obsessed!

“Famous in Love” is the story of an ordinary college girl named Paige who auditions for and lands a starring role in the next Hollywood Blockbuster. Not surprisingly, lots and lots of drama, sex, and scandals ensue. Check out the show’s racy teaser...
Um no, Bella, this is the best day of OUR lives because your show looks amazing. So there’s a lot going on in this trailer and there are a ton of new faces to keep up with, but all we need to know is Bella plus hot guys plus Hollywood glamour and we’re in. Speaking of hot guys, in another part of the teaser it’s pretty clear that Bella’s character, Paige, has some crazy strong chemistry with more than one incredibly attractive co-star.
Okay so practically everyone seems to have crazy strong chemistry with everyone else in this show. But we can’t really blame them because this is the most attractive cast we’ve seen since Gossip Girl. 

Besides lots of hook ups, the show will explore themes such as how fame changes a person and their relationships, as well as how difficult it is to navigate a life in the spotlight. But what we’re most excited about is the mystery aspect of the show--besides making out with hot people and wearing beautiful clothing and hiding from the paparazzi, Paige also finds herself uncovering the truth about what happened to a missing, famous popstar. And we know that that noir element of the show is going to be on point because this show comes from the executive producer of our other fave sexy and scandalous mystery series, Pretty Little Liars. 

Other cast members include Carter Jenkins as Rainer, the son of Hollywood royalty, who is one of Paige’s costars in the blockbuster movie while Jesse Henderson plays Jake, Paige’s best friend who becomes jealous when Paige starts hanging out with Rainer. Famous in Love premieres in April 2017 on Freeform, so set your DVRs now if you’re as hooked as us!

So now I wanna know if you guys are planning on watching Bella smash it in “Famous In Love”, so sound off in the comments and after that click here to watch our Weekly Chat Show. And be sure to subscribe! Thanks so much for hanging out with me on News Feed, I’m your host Erin Robinson and I’ll see you guys next time! 

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