Saturday, September 3, 2016

"America's Got Talent" Grace VanderWaal WOWs Judges with Original Song "Light In The Sky" Hollywood Gossip News.

When it comes to musical competitions, performers tend to cover songs, but not Grace VanderWaal. She’s been performing her own originals and it’s working out pretty well for her. During America’s Got Talent’s semi-finals on Tuesday evening, Grace, who was dubbed by Howie Mendel last week as the next Taylor Swift, took the stage and sang yet another original song she penned called ‘Light the Sky’ and this time, she had more than just her amazing vocals and ukulele in hand. While Grace sounds amazing on her own, the 12-year-old singer had a cellist and percussionist join her on stage for this performance. Though her backups did add a little umph to her performance, it’s not like she needed it or anything. To no one’s surprise, Grace received nothing but praises from the judges. At one point, Howie told the aspiring singer that she can totally win the competition if she just keeps doing her thing.

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